When you're too classy for a regular beer bong
EC: With the Chambong, You Can Chug Champagne Like a Champ
Credit: All Photos Courtesy of Chambong

I've never claimed to be fancy, but even I am not immune to the charms of a nice, chilled glass of Champagne (or, as is more my speed, Champagne-style sparkling wine. But sometimes, sipping on Chandon isn't efficient enough, and you want to chug a glass of Champagne really, really quickly. That's where the Chambong comes it. This piece of classy glassware is exactly what it sounds like: a beer bong for Champagne, making it easy for you to chug six ounces of the good stuff in a matter of seconds. All you have to do to is tilt the V-shaped glass, pour in some bubbly, put your mouth on the stem, and chug.

There are many advantages to the Chambong over a traditional beer bog—which, for the record, you can make using a regular funnel and some flexible plastic tubing from your local hardware store—starting with the design factor. The Chambong is made from "hand-blown borosilicate glass," according to the product description, and it looks pretty nice, something you're not embarrassed to leave on your kitchen counter when your parents come to visit.

But it's also efficient—if maximum drunkenness is your end game. It says in the company's disclaimer that, "the user’s blood-alcohol level and level and rate of intoxication may be greater than they would be if the same amount of champagne or sparkling wine were ingested by the user without the use of the Chambong."

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But here's the thing about chugging Champagne. It kind of sucks. The bubbles hit your nose in an occasionally unpleasant way that make you simultaneously want to sneeze and puke. According to that same disclaimer from Chambong, risks of using the device include "drowning or choking," as well as "the risk of becoming intoxicated and all risks in any way associated with intoxication, including injury and death."

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That doesn't mean the Chambong isn't worth a shot—if you're willing to shell out $25 for a classy AF piece of drinkware that has only one, very, very specific use. Follow up your chug of Champagne with a swig of orange juice to make a mimosa in your mouth, and live your classiest life, friends.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder