Willie’s Remedy ready for September launch in Colorado

By Tim Nelson
Updated July 17, 2018
Credit: Rick Kern/Getty Images

Willie Nelson’s been synonymous with “Outlaw Country” music for almost fifty years now. While that term was initially meant to describe the Texas music scene Nelson was a part of, multiple arrests for marijuana possession added credence to the “outlaw part of that label over the years. But now that multiple states have legalized the sale of recreational weed, it’s only right that a music legend who once blazed on the roof of the White House gets his chance to cash in.

Earlier this week, Nelson announced the upcoming release of “Willie’s Remedy”, a Cannabidiol-infused coffee. Set to make its debut in Colorado this September, the whole-bean coffee will contain 5 milligrams of CBD sourced from “organically grown, American hemp” in each 8-ounce cup of coffee brewed. It’ll be sold by GCH Inc., a cannabis company founded by Nelson that’s been selling “Willie’s Reserve”, his branded strain of marijuana, and other THC edibles since 2015.

CBD has become somewhat trendy in 2018, as its medicinal properties (which range from treating seizures to stemming anxiety) have gained broader acceptance. More closely tied to hemp than the traditional marijuana, CBD by itself lack THC, the psychoactive compound associated with a marijuana high.

That lack of THC means CBD-infused beers and other beverages exist in a sort of legal grey area in certain parts of the country. While illegal at the federal level, Texas (Nelson’s home state) has legalized CBD for use with epilepsy patients, though marijuana possession can still result in jail time. Some Texan outlets have used that as a pretext to sell CBD edibles, but it seems like Willie’s Remedy will likely wait before branching out from the safe haven of Colorado.

Given that CBD-infused coffees have cropped up from coast to coast, Willie’s Remedy sounds perfect for those who want their morning pick-me-up to come with a mellowing twist. "It's two of my favorites, together in the perfect combination," Nelson said in a press release. "Like coffee, cannabis is a plant that works for me." With cultural attitudes around marijuana and hemp starting to shift, it’s probably only a matter of time before other coffee drinkers start to see things Willie’s way.