When a croissant and a rainbow bagel love each other very much ...


If a classic croissant and a rainbow bagel with funfetti cream cheese had a baby, they would create the birthday cake croissant, a new pastry hybrid from the mind of executive pastry chef Thiago Silva. It’s a croissant with rainbow sprinkles baked into the dough and filled with sweet, mascarpone that contains even more rainbow sprinkles that spill out when the flaky pastry is pulled apart. Given New Yorkers’ penchant for hybrid pastries and any kind of edible rainbow, I think it’s fair to say that the birthday cake croissant is pretty well positioned to be the biggest food craze to hit New York City since the cronut, least of all because they’re only available at Union Fare Bakery in Union Fare’s Gastrohall, which opened its doors yesterday.

This birthday cake croissant isn’t the only decadent, dessert croissant on the menu at Union Fare Bakery. Silva has been offering sneak peeks of the other flavors on social media, like the red velvet croissant, which, he explained in a Facebook post, will come filled with a cream cheese custard and topped with a red velvet glaze. There’s also the cookies and cream croissant, the dough of which is “actually laminated with housemade Oreo butter.” (And yes, laminated dough is a technical baking term.)

The birthday cake croissant, along with these other delectable dessert croissants, will be available for $5 at Union Fare Gastrohall in Manhattan, though chances are you’ll see them popping up on Instagram before you have can get your hands on one yourself.