A former cow's milk dairy is the world’s first producer of the beverage

Credit: Photo by @elmhurst1925 via Twitter

You may still have to pay an extra dollar for almond milk in your latte, but non-dairy milk has become so common in the past few years that I don’t think it should still be called a trend anymore. In fact, one New York City-based dairy, Elmhurst, actually announced in 2016 they were closing their cow’s milk production plant to dedicate their operation to non-dairy milk. After a rebrand that resulted in the name Elmhurst Milked, the company has launched several types of non-dairy milk, including the world’s first peanut milk.

Known as Elmhurst Milked Peanuts, the peanut milk launched in January 2018. The drink comes in both original and chocolate flavors (yes, that does mean this is basically peanut butter cup-flavored milk), boasting up to 31 peanuts per 8-ounce serving. This breakdown makes the milk especially nutritious—high in protein, carbs, and good-for-you fats.

According to Elmhurst’s press release, the peanut milk, as well as the company’s other non-dairy milks, contain “up to 4 [times] the nuts of leading competitors and none of the gums, emulsifiers, or whiteners still found in the leading plant-based beverages.” By making their unsweetened milks with just nuts and water, Elmhurst hopes to be seen as a cut above their competitors as they gain popularity.

And it does hold up. When I tried samples of Elmhurst's milks earlier this year, I found consistency of the peanut milk to be pretty similar to most other non-dairy milks, and, unsurprisingly, to have a subtle peanut-y flavor. It would be incredible in milkshakes, pancakes, or poured over any cereal that isn’t especially fruity. I didn’t love it in my morning coffee, but I could be biased as I tend to prefer non-dairy milks frothed into lattes, and not as much by the splash in drip coffee.

Considering how popular peanut butter is, it wouldn’t be surprising if peanut milk become the next popular non-dairy milk to show up at your local cafe. Perhaps my local cafe should give it a try, as they recently ran completely out of oat milk due to popular demand.