Pushing the SodaStream to the limits of decency

By Extra Crispy Staff
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: Photo by Rebecca Firkser

As much as everyone is losing their minds over the Instant Pot these days, the most vital kitchen appliance is and forever will be the SodaStream. Is there a more comforting sound than that loud burrppppp? Is anything finer in life than taking cold homemade seltzer to work and saving so much money from not buying bottles of Canada Dry that you could buy like a hundred Instant Pots and give them away to strangers on the street?

Now, seltzer's great and all, but what about other homemade fizzy drinks? What if you want carbonated grape juice? Or vodka? Or say you're a creep from Palo Alto and you want effervescent Soylent every morning? Sure, SodaStream released this wine concentrate stuff, but, I don't know, looks kinda weird. The machine clearly tells you not to carbonate things that aren't water. There's a label on it that basically says "only put water in me." But if there's one thing Extra Crispy editors hate, it's rules. So, against the wishes of SodaStream, we tested seven drinks to see if they would carbonate: vodka, white grape juice, green tea, Chardonnay, Soylent, heavy cream, and a Starbucks frappe. Watch to find out which drinks fizzed and which fizzled out. And then try it at home... wait, we've been explicitly told by legal not to say that. So just watch the video and wink wink do not try this at home.