Miso for breakfast? You bet. Miso butter can play both a sweet and savory role and is packed with umami due to miso’s abundance of short-chained amino acids. The predominant one being glutamic acid, a.k.a. the G in MSG. Miso’s sweet side comes from broken-down starches that are converted into simple sugars. This, along with other nuances developed during fermentation, makes miso butter a perfect addition to pancakes and waffles. Miso is so jam-packed with flavor that a little goes a long way, and cutting the miso with butter mellows out its sometimes-harsh saltiness. Adding some maple syrup amplifies the miso’s natural sugars while balancing its saltiness and providing the perfect punch of salty and sweet.Feel free to remove the maple syrup from this recipe and use it on roasted vegetables or grilled meats and seafood.Maple Miso Butter

Recipe by Extra Crispy


Credit: Photo by lenazap via Getty Images

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5 mins
4 to 6 servings


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  • Stir together softened butter, miso and maple syrup. 

  • Make your favorite pancake or waffles recipe.

  • Top with maple miso butter and more maple syrup. Enjoy!