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EC: Why #BreakfastCelebs Is Trending on Twitter
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If you woke up his morning, delighted by a Twitter timeline full of celebrity breakfast puns, you can thank Comedy Central's @midnight. On last night's episode of the live game show, host Chris Hardwick coined the hashtag #BreakfastCelebs as part of the segment #HashtagWars. The stated goal? "To raise awareness of the most important meal of the day, we're pairing it with the other thing people have arbitrarily deemed important: celebrities!" In reality, the result was just a bunch of great puns. Given examples of #BreakfastCelebs included Frosted Drakes and Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch, and the show's contestants were quick to jump into the fray with as many of their own food-and-celebrity-based puns that they could come up with in 60 seconds.

Ken Jeong came up with Juice Willis and Sugar Frosted Minnie Drivers, then Suzy Nakamura coined Russell Crowe-ssant and Latte Diggs. Bloody Mary Tyler Moore and Tina Parfait were Dave Foley's contributions to the game. But the end of the segment didn't mean the end of the game, because, in classic @midnight #HashtagWars fashion, the hashtag took off, and folks around the country also got into the game and spent the night making up their own #BreakfastCelebs puns, in the nerdiest way to procrastinate going to bed ever.

Some people quickly doctored up some images of their favorite #BreakfastCelebs.

For most others, the words stood alone, and it quickly became clear that no celebrity—be it an actor, a musician, or an athlete—could be safe from a good breakfast pun.

Not everyone on Twitter is so clever, though, so it should come as little surprise that the one celebrity that got name-dropped the most in #BreakfastCelebs is also probably the most obvious.

In the meantime, I'll be chilling with Jimi Hamdrix.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder