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EC: Why a Fish Spatula Will Make You a Breakfast Genius
Credit: Photo by moi/amanaimagesRF via Getty Images

The best multi-use spatula on the market is undoubtedly the fish spatula. There, I said it. Sure, there are rubber spatulas, wooden spatulas, offset spatulas, slotted spatulas—the list goes on. It’s true that every spatula has a purpose, but do you really need them all? Absolutely not. Go on, clean out most of your arsenal of kitchen utensils, and keep one: a fish spatula. It’s perfect for lifting, flipping, and draining. Forget that it has the word fish in its name—if I had to stock my kitchen with just five tools, a fish spatula would definitely be one of them. It’s light and flexible, but sturdy at the same time. A fish spatula is designed for turning delicate proteins like, yes, you guessed it, fish, without the worry of breaking or flaking. The same applies to your favorite basic diner foods, like eggs, pancakes, and bacon.

Waking up early enough to make breakfast before school or work is hard in and of itself. The last thing you need is a sad, broken egg laying in your skillet or pancake batter glued to your pan. As you roll out of bed, you’re called to flip and turn delicate foods. With the help of a fish spatula, these four breakfast foods are made easier with no stress and no mess.

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Any and All Eggs

You’ll never break a yolk again—unless you want to, in which case, feel free to use the blade at the edge of the spatula to poke it.


Whether you’re making silver dollars or giant pancakes, this spatula is sturdy enough to flip any size pancake with minimal effort and is flexible enough to effortlessly slide under pancakes.


The wide, long slots, known as “tines,” allow you to gently and gracefully transfer several pieces of bacon, or any other grease-laden breakfast item straight from pan to plate.


Take the fear out of folding by using a fish spatula and putting our omelet folding technique to work. Best part? You’ll have an Instagram-perfect breakfast.

I’m not saying you should throw away all of your spatulas. Rubber, nylon, and offset spatulas have their place in the kitchen, but the flexibility and versatility of a fish spatula is incomparable to its competitors. Don’t let its price, which ranges from $20 to $25, deter you from buying a fish spatula. I promise, it’s a durable kitchen gadget worth the money. Invest in one for the long run and marvel as magic happens every morning.