The store's lower prices following the Amazon buyout were short-lived

By Elizabeth King
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Whole Foods Prices Are Going Back Up 
Credit: Photo by Spencer Platt via Getty Images

A lot of people were really excited when Amazon took over Whole Foods this summer, in large part because prices at the famously expensive grocery store seemed to have dropped. But alas, the reality is that Whole Foods prices have actually gone up in some cases since Amazon became the new boss, and overall, prices have barely dropped at all. The Washington Post reports that while some prices were slashed, particularly for avocados (we all know how pricey those are) and almond milk, but the costs of goods at Whole Foods in general have only dropped by about 1 percent.

Though overall prices have remained basically the same (the exact number is 1.2 percent), the Washington Post also reports that some food items actually got more expensive when Amazon bought Whole Foods. The cost of frozen foods went up an average of 7 percent, snacks went up by 5.3 percent, and the price of dairy went up 2 percent. Some foods have, however, remained cheaper. Beverages and bread and bakery products reportedly dropped in price by 2 percent, barely more than the average drop in prices at the store. But for the most part, prices didn’t change on different categories of food, with 70 percent of items undergoing no price changes at all.

So, Whole Foods is still expensive, even with a new owner at the helm. Even though the store is still pricier than your average chain, so shoppers aren’t gaining much from this deal, Amazon is reportedly raking in the big bucks. According to the Post, has amassed $1.6 million in sales from Whole Foods.