Not tequila aged in whiskey barrels—we’re talking about a straight blend of whiskey and tequila
whiskey tequila
Credit: photo by keira01 via getty images

Great ideas might not take the world by storm right out of the gate, but true genius can only languish for so long before people take notice. So when second-string nudie magazine Penthouse decided to mix tequila and whiskey to create its Penthouse Spirits Whiskey Tequila Fusion, it was only a matter of time before the concept garnered the attention it deserved—and apparently, that time is 2018.

Penthouse Spirits, the official booze of the self-described “men’s leading entertainment & lifestyle brand," actually sells a few liquors: There’s the more conventional Penthouse Canadian Whiskey and a Penthouse “Six Times Distilled” Vodka. But the brand’s Whiskey Tequila Fusion is clearly the one that jumps off the page.

“Penthouse Whiskey & Tequila Fusion blends the finest tequila from Mexico with old-fashioned American whiskey to produce a uniquely smooth, palate-pleasing spirit with just the right amount of sweetness,” reads the description on the official website. “This intriguing mix of two classic liquors balances the silky texture of whiskey with the bold finish of tequila. Bottled in Holland by a legacy distiller, this innovative spirit is perfect as a shot, served over ice with a squeeze of lime, or mixed into your favorite cocktail.”

Let’s recap. First, this isn’t tequila aged in whiskey barrels or even whiskey aged in tequila barrels. We’re talking about a straight blend of whiskey and tequila. More specifically, it’s American whiskey and Mexican tequila that, for some reason, is being bottled in Holland. This product is truly an international affair. Then, in the next sentence, Penthouse suggests you drink it straight with just a touch of lime. Imagine this scenario: You’re at a party, and someone pours you a mix of whiskey and tequila on the rocks, then confidently tosses in a lime wedge. See, even in your imagination, you just ran out of that party.

Amazingly, this product was actually first introduced in the United States back in 2014, but it never caught the buzz it so rightfully deserved. It’s hard to understand how: A Penthouse Spirits Twitter account has 28 followers. According to the cocktail site Supercall, the lack of American interest led the liquor to eventually be pulled from the US market and now, according to Tom Cleaver, the founder of the spirit’s importer, Prestige Imports, the brand is “only being exported in 2018.”

With this recently resurgence of internet interest in Penthouse Whiskey Tequila, we can only hope it reenters the American market. But in the meantime, the closest you may come to seeing it in person is this YouTube video we found from 2015 explaining how to make a drink called the Penthouse Kimi Smash. In the video, mixologist Dylan Holcomb calls the Whiskey Tequila “absolutely one of the most mind-blowing products I have ever had in my entire life.” It’s clearly a paid promotional video for the product, but at the same time, it’s not like he’s lying. This product certainly is mind-blowing in its own way.