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For anyone who prefers meat to flowers, there's a perfect solution

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

Sometimes, the classic gift of flowers just isn’t enough when we want to congratulate someone, celebrate with them, or just let them know they’re on our minds. But thanks to bacon bouquets (yes, literal bouquets of salty, tasty bacon), you can say “You’re the best” with an arrangement of America’s favorite breakfast meat. This carnivorous twist on Edible Arrangements could be the perfect weird gift to give to the bacon lovers in your life, but where to find them? Luckily, the bouquets are sold all over the place, ready for the ordering. WIth Father’s Day right around the corner this weekend, it’s definitely an edible gift worth checking out.

A burgeoning Boca Raton-based small business called Bacon Box has been creating and delivering bacon bouquets since 2015. And these aren’t just any old bacon wrapped on a stick. Bacon Box does it right, offering bacon roses made from high quality meat, with the option to dip the bacon in goodies like frosting with sprinkles, or decorating bacon roses in a wedding theme. delivers bacon bouquets in Texas, with flavors such as jalapeno and glazed. The company also sells bacon rolled up and organized into heart-shaped boxes that usually hold chocolate. HInt hint: they’re offering express shipping for Father’s Day.

courtesy bacon bouquets

Full Belly Delights, an online only gourmet food seller, delivers their bacon bouquets all over the East Coast. This shop’s bacon roses come in a dizzying number of delicious sounding flavors, from Nutella and peanut butter to cinnamon sugar and raspberry, the mixed bouquets sound like a mouthwatering winner.

As great as normal flowers and Edible Arrangements are, nothing quite says “World’s best dad,” “congrats on your engagement,” or just “I love you, dude,” quite like a bouquet of bacon can. So next time you need a fun and tasty gift, look no further than bacon in the shape of roses.

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