These babies aren't going to buy themselves
EC: Where to Get Baby Avocados
Credit: Photo by Creativ Studio Heinemann via Getty Images

There's something about seeing photos of miniature objects that make people online instantly swoon, especially when it's a tiny version of a food that everyone already loves. That's probably why people are freaking out about baby avocados, also known as "babycados." Now, if you're wondering what are babycados, and what makes them different, I'm kind of sorry to tell you that they're exactly what you think they'd be. Babycados are just miniature avocados, about half the size of a traditional Hass avocado though sometimes smaller than an average chicken egg, and the taste is about comparable to that of a regular-sized avocado. But babycados look great on Instagram—so if you're looking to up your avocado game on social media, you're probably starting to wonder where can you buy mini avocados, too.

Babycados were first stocked at the UK retailer Marks and Spencers in January 2016 with a huge online splash, and despite the cool branding, it should be noted that babycados are just Hass avocados that were rejected for being too small. These M&S babycados were grown in Spain and then shipped to the UK, which is still a little far to go for groceries if you're living in the United States.

Fortunately, as Tasting Tablereports, babycados are starting to pop up in stateside, specifically in California, where many of the avocados eaten in the United States are grown.

If you're not near a California farmers market, your best bet might be Gator Eggs, grown by one California farm called Shanley Farms. These are advertised as single serving avocados and sold in a cardboard carton, kind of like chicken eggs. They're sold across the West Coast, or, if you're in New York, you can order them on Fresh Direct. If you're really desperate for a mini avocado, you could always grown your own babycados as a last resort to get it on your Instagram.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder