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EC: What’s the Best Way to Open a Soft-Boiled Egg?
Credit: Photo by Caitlin Bensel

The problem with soft-boiled eggs is that they are best eaten piping hot from the pot, but unless you're wearing protective gloves they’re hard to break into. It’s like, you’ve made the effort to learn how to make a soft boiled egg, but for what? Just to crack it open with the back of a spoon and painstakingly pick out the shell shrapnel. Or worse yet, you resorted to cutting your soft-boiled egg in half and lost most of the yolk.

So, how do you successfully open a soft-boiled egg? The easiest way is to pull out your kitchen scissors and cut the top off the egg once it is securely in your egg cup (or between your protected index finger and thumb). Or you can buy an egg topper, a tool that’s specifically made for this purpose. Whatever you do, don’t machete your egg—unless you like cleaning yolk off of your furniture and pets.