There’s a hidden meaning, no matter which way you slice it
EC: What Your Toast-Cutting Method Says About You
Credit: Illustrations by Lauren Kolm

When building a breakfast sandwich, you have many decisions to make. Great sandwich debates include but are not limited to white or whole wheat, ham and cheese against peanut butter and jelly, and mustard or mayo. But how you cut your sandwich, or a plain ol' buttered slice of toast, is probably something you don’t give much thought to. It seems to come naturally, without you having to thinking about it—at all. Cutting styles for toast, however, actually hint at what type of human you are, or whether you’re enjoying a delightful for afternoon tea or a sucky Monday morning when you have to go to back to work. But there is no one perfect way to cut a piece of bread.

This chart explains all the different ways to cut toast and what each style says about your personality. Maybe you’re a plain-Jane-straight-down-the-center toast-cutter. Or, a diagonal-over-everything human being. Whichever way you slice it, we’re not judging.

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