Lend the future, hungover version of yourself a helping hand

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder
Updated February 13, 2018
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EC: What To Buy Now To Prepare for Your New Year's Hangover 
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You know that you're going to be staying out late and drinking heavily on New Year's Eve, which means that you already know you're going to be hungover on New Year's Day. Sure, you could try to convince yourself that you'll be up and at 'em, start 2017 feeling fresh like a butterfly, but that's a lie. You won't want to get out of bed on January 1, because your head will be pounding and any sudden movements might make you hurl. So why not do hungover, future you a favor by stocking up on all of things you might need to manage your hangover on New Year's Day right now? That way, you won't have to go too far to get the hangover help you need.

You'll probably need some food to help you really come back to life in a big way, be it a dirtbag breakfast casserole, a sausage and biscuit breakfast sandwich, or even an açai bowl. But these five hangover remedies will at least get you into a place where you can begin to think about eating food—even if they can't completely cure your hangover.

There's no reason you can't order everything online now, so that they're waiting on your front step by New Year's Day. So help yourself on New Year's Day by planning for your hangover now with these hangover remedies. Future you will thank you.

Vitamin B Gummies

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When you drink, you lose a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is part of the reason you feel so lethargic and sloppy when you wake up with a hangover. One of the most important vitamins to replenish is vitamin B—and instead of swallowing some horse pill first thing in the morning, which will probably make you want to gag, try snacking on one of these vitamin B complex gummy vitamins.

Vitafusion B Complex Gummy Vitamins, $4.94, walmart.com

Rehydrating Drink

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Part of the reason you're hungover is because you're dehydrated, so in addition to drinking a lot of water, you also probably want to ingest some kind of rehydrating drink with electrolytes. I first heard about this hangover-friendly, rehydrating drink from Katie Maloney of Vanderpump Rules, who apparently swears by it and drinks a lot of tequila, so you know it's got to work.

Add some of this electrolyte concentrate to water, and chug. Unlike a traditional sports drink, this rehydrating concentrate gives water "a slightly tart and salty flavor," since there's no added artificial flavors or extra sugar, which can sometimes further dehydrate you. But if you want something that's sweet, you can always drink Gatorade or Pedialyte to rehydrate.

Drinkwel LyteShow Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration, $15.15, amazon.com


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You're not supposed to take acetaminophen when you're drinking, because it can damage your liver, and since your liver already probably hates you on New Years, be sure to stock up on ibuprofen to address your aching head and body.

Advil Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer (100-Count), $7.59, amazon.com

Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint tea can help soothe an upset stomach, something that's bound to happen when you're coming off of a long night of drinking. It'll also help your breath smell less like that of a dragon.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Classic Peppermint Tea, $7.48, amazon.com

Hair of the Dog

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Credit: Photo COurtesy of Reservebar

There's no real evidence that drinking more booze when you're hungover really helps your hangover—but there's also no real evidence that indulging in the hair of the dog hurts. And really, you deserve another drink today, the first day of 2017. The garbage fire of a year that was 2016 is finally in the rearview mirror, and that's as good a reason as any to pop a bottle or two on New Year's Day.

Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut, $44, <em>reservebar.com</em>