Here's a flowchart for your Thanksgiving leftover breakfast

EC: What Should I Make with My Thanksgiving Leftovers?
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We've been very excited for the holidays here at Extra Crispy—though we've been more focused on what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers than the meal itself. But can you blame us? Chowing down on Thanksgiving leftovers is kind the best part of the holiday. After all, who doesn't love an excuse to eat mashed potatoes and stuffing and cranberry sauce and gravy for breakfast? So for the last few weeks, our intrepid staff—with a special shoutout to our chef Jiselle Basile—has been working hard at coming up with and sourcing recipes for creative Thanksgiving leftover recipes, and we've got a lot of options, no matter what your leftover situation might be.

There are the savory options, like a Stuffing Waffle or a Griddled Turkey Breast Breakfast Sandwich, and there are the sweet, like Cranberry-Orange Rolls and Cranberry Belgian Waffles. Then there are those that are somewhere in the middle, like Thanksgiving Breakfast Burritos and Fried Turkey and Waffles, and even recipes that go beyond what you might've thought was possible to make with leftovers, like Thanksgiving Potstickers and Stuffing Breakfast Strata.

The choices are, admittedly, a bit overwhelming at first glance. So we figured we'd make it a bit easier for you to figure out what to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers by giving you a flow chart. We can help you figure out whether it's time to throw all your ingredients into some Thanksgiving Pop Tarts or a Turkey and Stuffing Hash. Or maybe it's time to finesse that leftover pie into a batch of Pumpkin Pie Stuffed French Toast.

Maybe you'll even be so excited about your forthcoming meal of leftovers that you'll think to save some potatoes from the Thanksgiving table for those Mashed Potatoes Egg Clouds on Friday. And hey, if this still looks like too much work, you can always go for the boozy Thanksgiving option.

There's only one way to find out.

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By Maxine Builder and Lauren Kolm,Maxine Builder