Let's talk about what America's coolest teen eats for breakfast

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: Photo via YouTube

America's coolest teenager Kylie Jenner makes the same breakfast every morning. But unlike her older half-sister Kim, who eats a strictly lean, carb-free breakfast, or her other older half-sister Kourtney, who starts every morning with a spoonful of clarified butter and otherwise steers clear of dairy, what Kylie Jenner eats for breakfast is actually quite normal. Kylie's favorite breakfast is basically a stir fry of turkey sausage patties, eggs, and rice. As she explained on her eponymous, members-only site, as reported by U.K.'s Hello!, "I cook the eggs and rice together in a pan (sometimes I add cheese too), and in a separate skillet I fry up the sausage with a little olive oil for about 13-15 minutes until it's well done." It's super simple, sure, but it's also totally seems like something a non-celebrity teenager (or adult, for that matter) would eat for breakfast.

But hardcore fans of the jet setting teenager with the ever-rotating collection of wigs will know that this is far from the first time that Kylie's offered a sneak peak into her morning routine—or an up-close look into her kitchen. She's featured a "Cooking with Kylie" video series on her YouTube channel, which most recently featured a recipe for candied yams.

She also informally recreates this series periodically on Snapchat, showing off her skills in the kitchen. (And as an avid follower of one "kylizzlemynizzl," let me say that she makes a mean grilled cheese.)

Back in November 2016, though, Kylie made an epic weekend brunch. In the series of Snapchats—which is still available to watch on YouTube because there are whole YouTube accounts dedicated to preserving the fleeting moments captured and published by America's most famous family—Kylie fries up several slices of uncured bacon, along with hash browns seasoned with garlic salt, salt, and pepper. She also sautées slices of sausage, pepper, and onion in a separate pan, then makes a side of that now-famous egg and rice stir fry.

Her crowning achievement of this meal, though, has to be Kylie's so-called signature flaky French toast, made by dunking a slice of bread into an egg wash with cinnamon and vanilla, then coating it in crushed Frosted Flakes. The whole thing is then fried up with butter in a pan, and so help me God, why didn't I come up with this idea myself?

So sure, maybe Kylie's everyday breakfast—turkey sausage, egg, and rice—is kind of straightforward, but there's no denying that this girl knows how to cook.