From Starbucks to McDonald's, here's what to expect on your flight
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EC: What Kind of Coffee Every Major Airline Serves
Credit: Photo by Flickr user chefcooke

The holiday season kicks off this week with the first of many travel plans to and fro’ the family table for meals, gifts, and good cheer. A crucial ingredient to good cheer? Coffee. There’s only one way you’re going to survive a gaggle of relatives waiting to greet you at the end of across-country flight, and that’s having prepared yourself with lashings of caffeine on the way over. While we’ll probably never figure out the deal with airline food, coffee is one thing we can get to the bottom of. Whichever US airline you’re flying this season, here’s the brand of coffee you’ll be pouring down your throat.


Alaska Airlines boasts an array of complementary beverages, and those who gotta have their coffee can enjoy Starbucks Pike Place Roast, or instead try Tazo Awake Tea andSweet Orange Hot Herbal Tea.


While Allegiant Air doesn’t advertise hot coffee on their drink menu, they do have a speciality illy™ Iced Coffee available for purchase in case of emergency. Please drink your own coffee before assisting others.


According to a press release, American Airlines serves Java City Coffee, which is 100 percent Rainforest Alliance Certified. Java City? One way ticket, please, am I right!!


Like our friends at Alaska Airlines, Delta serves free Starbucks coffee and tea on every flight. Red holiday cups (probably) not included.


Frontier offers a breakfast deal that includes one snack and one cup of Boyer’s 100 percent Colombian Coffee, which, according to its website, is currently celebrating over 50 years of coffee excellence. Congrats!!


JetBlue gives Dunkin’ Donuts some much needed love, serving Dunkin’ Donuts® Decaf and Original Blend Coffee as well as Dunkin' Donuts® Tea in both Green and Original. Unfortunately, does not come with doughnuts.


Southwest doesn’t just serve complimentary Community Coffee, it also has partnered with Community Coffee Company to help fund educational programs in Mexico—in case you were debating that second cup.


United serves both regular and decaffeinated illy Dark Roast coffee. Since it’s complimentary on most flights, you might as well try both.


According to a chat I had with a lovely Virgin America representative (corroborated by some light Googling), Virgin America serves “the best coffee in San Francisco, Philz Coffee.” Soundz good!