A peek at the internet's favorite breakfasts
EC: What Does Reddit Eat for Breakfast?
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Here at Extra Crispy, we're always interested in learning about what people eat for breakfast around the world. So we got pretty excited when we spotted a new thread on the subreddit Ask Reddit in which user nollux asked their online peers: "Redditors around the world, what are typical breakfast foods in your country?" Within hours, folks from across the globe chimed in, explaining what they eat for breakfast everyday. Granted, this is the site that's known for hosting conversations about making bongs from toilet wands and whatnot, so everything here needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but we really wanted to know: what do Redditors eat for breakfast?

Well, according to the responses, lots of Redditors don't seem to eat anything that good for breakfast, if anything at all. "I don't eat breakfast - United States," joked jbtk. "We don't have breakfast where I come from," added one Redditor of unknown geographic origin with a less-than-safe-for-work username. "We only have early dinner."

But plenty of other Redditors were willing to share their favorite breakfasts with the rest of the thread, so if you've ever been curious about what denizens of the internet's homepage from around the world eat for breakfast, here you go.


"I had vegemite on Weetbix and a cup of milo for breakfast today," wrote one Australian Redditor with another borderline NSFW handle. "Basically I get 4 Weetbix, separate them and create 8 long halves. Butter them all up and have 4 halves with vegemite and 4 halves with honey. Don't knock it till you try it."

New Zealand

ToasT_ chimed in, "Kiwi kids, are Weetbix kids." Many Aussies shut them down, including SeriouslyPunked. "Blasphemy, Aussie Kids are Weetbix kids!" (Turns out that there are both Australaian and New Zealand versions of Weetbix, and both are slightly different. Thanks for the trivia, Reddit!)

United Kingdom

The full English breakfast seemed to be the norm for folks from the UK, though some Redditors really got hyped up about it. Take abyssjogger, who wrote, "FULL ENGLISH WITH EXTRA ENGLISH."


Hungarian Redditor louis_kuk is also a fan of English-style breakfast, but on weekdays, "open sandwich," noting "[W]hy do Americans put on a slice of bread on top? [I]t reduces the taste."

The Netherlands

"Most [D]utch people [I] know eat a combination of Yogurt, cereal, sandwich or coffee for breakfast," explained temkofirewing. The preference for a light breakfast was echoed by Dutch Redditor lucasorigami: "I often eat bread with cheese or crusli," a type of cereal that's similar to muesli.


Breakfast in India, according to Krait_Haywire, is fairly simple: "Tea with butter-bread."


Speaking of muesli, according to godless-life, in Germany, breakfast is "either cereal (Müsli, not that sugary garbage) or delicious bread with ham, cheese or something." Though according to MistakeNot___, bread with marmalade, honey, or Nutella is also fair game.


"Smørrebrød usually with cream cheese and salmon for me," wrote duchessoforange. Another Redditor louis_kuk joked, "[S]ounds like you live in an [I]kea shop."


"Tim Hortons. 3 guesses where I'm from," wrote Wiltron. And as if the exchange couldn't get more Canadian, they apologized—to themselves. "Sorry."

United States

Responses from the United States ran the spectrum, from the hearty—bacon, grits, and eggs—to the healthy—high fiber cereal with homemade cashew milk—and even the borderline dangerous—7-11 chili dogs. But really, Elnegrogato11 hit the nail on the head: "A big stack of freedom covered in liberty, hold the socialism."

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder