Egg white scramble, with that hot sauce in her bag
EC: What Does Beyonce Eat for Breakfast?
Credit: Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler via Getty Images

Some things I know for sure: When Beyonce wakes up, the headband she uses to keep her hair out of her face is exactly where she positioned it the night before. She never forgets to buy more Keurig cups. She always leaves enough time for breakfast. I know this because those are basic traits I attribute to most people who I perceive as functional adults. And Beyonce is not only a functional adult, she's a functional adult who can dance through an injury and wear a uniform of sequins every night. She's a wonder to behold, but in her heart, she seems like a practical person. She seems like the kind of person who doesn't skip breakfast. But what does Beyonce eat for breakfast?

We do have some clues. While a look through Beyonce's Instagram proved fruitless—she’s too busy dedicating that space to her worldwide travels and photos of Blue Ivy—we’re not the first people to wonder what she eats for the most important meal of the day. "I always have breakfast—say, scrambled egg whites, a vegetable smoothie, or whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk,” she told Shape magazine back in 2013. How great is it to imagine Beyonce eating her bowl of Cheerios with Blue Ivy hanging out, maybe munching on some Fruit Loops?

Beyonce also has a bunch of food references in her lyrics. We already know she has hot sauce in her bag (swag) and that there are certain circumstances under which she’d take someone’s ass to Red Lobster, but some of her lesser-known lyrics are equally as revealing.

For instance, while Beyonce’s breakfast as told to Shape sounds pretty healthy, she also has a sweet tooth. She has a whole song called “Ice Cream Truck,” and in “Suga Mama” she says “I’m a be like a waffle cone that’s dripping down to the floor.”

On the flip side, things get a little savory. In “Party ft Andre 3000,” the singer says, “Man, we were just in the food court, eating our gyros.” In “Creole” we practically get a whole recipe when she sings, “For all of my brown bones that make a good broth, and all of my red bones that make a good sauce. The yellow bone flavor is familiar to me. Mix it all together, it’s a delicacy.”

No matter the food, it’s almost certain that Beyonce is down with champagne. In “Summertime ft. P Diddy” she offers a taste of the“finest wine,” in “In Da Club (Sexy Lil Thug)” she sends her haters a bottle, and in “Love on Top,” she kisses lips that taste “like a night of champagne.” And, just to really drive this point home, in “7/11” she reminds us to not drop that alcohol, to know that she’s thinkin’ bout that alcohol.

So what does Beyonce eat for breakfast? Probably something fairly healthy on most days, like egg whites with, hopefully, a splash of that hot sauce in her bag. But maybe on special occasions she brings out the champagne, the spicy sausage, and the lemonade.