A combination of maple syrup, bacon, and memories
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EC: What Does a Breakfast Candle Smell Like?
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Generally, people buy scented candles because they like the fragrance, which is why I can wrap my head around the appeal of a bacon-scented candle. Same goes for a maple syrup-scented candle, a coffee bean-scented candle, a hazelnut coffee-scented candle, even a pumpkin pecan waffles-scented candle. It's basically the same reason why I own so many lavender-scented candles; I love that specific smell and enjoy smelling it all day long. So if you love the smell of sizzling bacon or hazelnut coffee or pumpkin French toast in the morning and long for the scent even when you’re not cooking, getting one of these breakfast-inspired candles make sense.

Where I start to get confused is when it comes to breakfast-scented candles—that is, candles that say they smell like breakfast on the label—because what does breakfast smell like? It’s not one singular smell, like lavender or even pumpkin pecan waffles. It’s a mix of fragrances at best, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about breakfast from writing for a breakfast website, it’s that breakfast looks, smells, and tastes different to different people. So if breakfast can be whatever you want, how do you decide what smells go into a breakfast-scented candle?

When you start looking for breakfast candles, you see some common themes. Maple is a popular scent to include in the mix, as are hickory smoked bacon and even butter. I contacted three sellers on Etsy to find out what inspired their breakfast-scented candles and how they picked the fragrances that define breakfast for them. It should come as little surprise that each breakfast scent is a little bit different, and each candle tells as much of a story about the candlemaker as anything else.

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Folkstone Candle

Tamara at Folkstone Candle explained that the "Breakfast With Mom was named by my son. He is helping me to get Folkstone up and running." According to the description, Breakfast With Mom smells like the "sweet, sweet heaviness of spiced maple syrup." And that's the smell Tamara's son thinks of when he thinks of breakfast with mom. "I loved the maple syrup fragrance because it ushers in comforting memories of me and my son having breakfast (that he would make for me) when I homeschooled him. So Breakfast With Mom has fond memories attached to it," she said, adding, "I hope that when it is lit, someone else will create memories with their loved one."

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Shepherd Candle Co.

Sherry Shepherd explained that the smell of Farmhouse Breakfast is a blend of a few different fragrances. "And it really does smell like breakfast," she said. "I think what inspired the scent was simply our love for farm life. We live on a small farm and you will see throughout our shop lots of ‘farm’ scents. I wanted to create something unique and different and create something that was all my own." The two overwhelming fragrances, according to the products description, are "rich, warm, buttermilk pancakes and fresh smoked bacon."

Sherry described the scent as "a little complex. It's a blend of smoky bacon, buttermilk pancakes, hot coffee, and all the fixins. It really does have that very nice smoky scent to it, too." Sherry added, "It’s been a great seller for us and it’s something very unique, but also very homey. When lit the fragrance is not over-powering, but more like walking into mom's house in the morning."

Snowzi Craft Co.'s Cowboy Breakfast Soy Candle

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Snowzi Craft Co.

Haddie and Bailie are the mother-daughter team that owns Snowzi Craft Co., and they've been selling candles on Etsy since June 2016. "Cowboy Breakfast is our of our favorite candles! Actually, we're burning it in our home this week," they wrote. The Cowboy Breakfast-scented candle is a custom mix of fresh black coffee, bacon and cinnamon, and it's unsurprisingly, inspired by "the fragrance of breakfast; walking into a home or the kitchen/dining room with the lingering scent of French toast, fresh brewed coffee and pan fried bacon. Instantly brings us back to a slow, unhurried morning with family after a another wonderfully breakfast homemade meal."

According to Haddie, the candle is inspired by a real meal. "Cowboy Breakfast is definitely our 'feeling homesick' go-to breakfast!" she explained. "My husband and I are both from small towns in Wyoming and Arizona, respectively." The mother-daughter duo also noted that the candle pairs well with their Snickerdoodle-scented candle or the Crackling Fireplace candle.

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