If you can't go, you can at least drool over this video

By Extra Crispy Staff
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: What a Super Fancy Easter Brunch in New York Looks Like
Credit: Photo and video by Alex Tepper

If you're hosting Easter brunch this weekend, here's a crapload of Easter recipes that will help you out. For when you get all stressed while cooking, here are some Easter brunch cocktails to keep you sane (or make you more insane, if that's what you're after). If you want to really freak out your family, make them this creme egg omelet. When they invariably say "WTF?" you can blame it on some weird breakfast site you read. We won't mind. After brunch, to kill time before dinner, make these cool hologram Easter eggs. They're not as convincing as the Tupac version, but they're better than most of the stuff you'd see on Pinterest. If your family is still bored somehow, take a hard-boiled egg and grate it over a salad, and say, "There. Are you happy?" If they say no, then whatever. We're out of ideas. Or wait, you could hop on a flight to New York and check out the luxurious Easter brunch at Café Boulud.

Chef Aaron Bludorn was nice enough to give us a preview the other day. There was smoked Ora king salmon with roasted beets and horseradish cream; a wild mushroom omelet with gruyère; and a crossiant croque madame with a sunny-side-up egg. The finale is the L’oeuf, an Easter egg-shaped dessert made with lemon curd, mascarpone mousse, and pistachio ice cream, and topped with gold leaf (see above photo). No one in your family will wonder why brunch costs $95 as they chew on literal gold. If they're still not having a good time after Café Boulud, maybe pull a Macaulay Culkin and get a new family? Happy Easter!