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By Rebecca Firkser
Updated July 09, 2018
Credit: Photo by @sirkensingtons via Instagram

I have been known to cram at least three jars of mayonnaise in my fridge at all times. Not just because I really like mayo, but because there are now so many kinds of mayonnaise on the market, all with extremely different flavor profiles, it’s basically like having several unique creamy condiments on hand. I’m not talking about flavored mayos like spicy chipotle and black garlic either, though those are quite fun. The different mayonnaises that I’ve started stocking are made with different oils.

Typically, bottled mayonnaise is made with a neutral-tasting oil, like canola or soybean. When I’m looking for a good forearm workout and make mayonnaise from scratch, I use grapeseed oil, another mild-tasting oil. These types of nearly-flavorless oils add fat to help make the condiment thick and creamy without making a mark on the sauce’s overall flavor. More and more recently, however, I’ve come across mayonnaises made with more flavorful oils, from olive to avocado to coconut.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is relatively neutral in flavor like canola or soybean oil, but tends to be slightly more nutritious in terms of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Sir Kensington’s, a condiment company that prides itself on using whole-food ingredients, makes their classic mayo with sunflower oil.

Olive Oil

Since it can be floral and very fragrant (not to mention expensive) olive oil isn’t typically used in bottled mayonnaise. Hellmann’s, however, recently launched a version made with olive oil and soybean oil that tastes like classic mayo spent a day at the spa.

Flax Oil

Flaxseed isn’t just for smoothies and granola, it’s also hanging out in some mayonnaises, like this one from Spectrum Organics. A blend of flaxseed and soybean oil, this mayo brings Omega-3s like nobody's business.

Avocado Oil

High in monounsaturated fat with a delicate, slightly vegetal flavor, avocado oil is swiftly becoming a new darling of the oil shelf. Though it tastes just as great as any classic mayo, Primal Kitchen’s mayonnaise is made with all avocado oil, and is also paleo, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Coconut Oil

Though you might be more familiar with coconut oil in baked goods, Chosen Foods (also known for their avocado oil) makes a mayonnaise with all coconut oil, which for some is likely music to their ears. They’ll also probably be glad to know it’s paleo, soy-free, and gluten-free.