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EC: Weed-Infused Coffee Pods Make a Wake and Bake Even Easier

The proliferation of legal bud in five states has led to some pretty unique ways to get lifted—and I'm not just talking about edibles, either. Weed-infused coffee pods are the latest (and perhaps most efficient) way to get stoned, especially if you're as much of a coffee fiend as you are a marijuana enthusiast. This marvel of modern science is brought to you by BrewBudz, a beverage company based in San Diego, CA that offers tea, cocoa, and coffee pods that are 100 percent compostable and, most importantly, get you faded with nothing more than a Keurig machine and a coffee cup.

BrewBudz's weed-infused coffee pods offer not only a variety of coffee roasts, but they also come in a range of different medicinal strengths. Recreational users can enjoy a pod that contains a 10 milligram dose of THC (the stuff that gets you stoned), and medical users can brew up pods with either 25 or 50 milligrams of CBD (the compounds that are purported to have medicinal qualities). And the BrewBudz team is linking coffees and teas to different strains of cannabis, depending on the kind of buzz they're known for providing. For example, their caffeinated teas and coffees feature sativa-dominant strains (which provide more of a brain buzz), and their decaf teas include indica strains (which create a mellow, body high).

The BrewBudz weed-infused coffee line is but one of many weed-infused coffee products to come out of legal states. Jane's Brew coffee offers weed-infused K-cups, coffee pods, and ground beans that are infused with cannabis oil—but better yet, the company also offers smoothies and cannabis-infused powder, so you can medicate at-will.

Pot-O-Coffee also offers a range of weed-infused K-cups that promise to get you lifted with more than just caffeine. And if you're more of a DIY-head, you can always make Munchies' cannabis-infused Bulletproof coffee at home. But if you want variety in both beverage and high, then your ship has come in. Just think of all the work you can not get around to doing now?