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EC: Wear Your Breakfast with These Japanese Fake Food Accessories 
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I know you love breakfast food, but how often do you wake up and think, “This outfit would be so much better if I could sport a hyper-realistic sunny side up egg somewhere on my person?” Most days, you say? Well, my friend, there is a product just for you straight out of Japan. The country is well known for its love of fake food. Restaurants put full faux feasts on display, and there’s an entire street in Tokyo where fake food is available for purchase. Now, a company called Fake Food Hanataka has decided that its wares should be worn, too. The fake food purveyor is selling a full line of accessories geared toward the bold, food-obsessed sartorial set.

Fake Food Hanataka’s ii-Fake line of accessories feature the same fake food items that serve as a helpful visual for indecisive restaurant patrons. These accessories aren’t decorated with cutesy anthropomorphized eggs, though. Instead, you’ll find fatty bacon, slices of rolled tamago, sugary doughnuts, and okonomiyaki adorning headbands, hair ties, earrings, clips, and rings. This stuff is the real deal, from the real fake food experts.

The ii-Fake line includes both undeniable statement pieces (people will surely notice that you're wearing noodles in your hair) and more subtle realistic food accessories—that is, if any realistic food accessory can be deemed subtle. Many of the items, though, have already sold out, like the soba-filled omelet headband pictured above and this adorable (and appetizing) pancake short stack ring. Note that this kind of food realism isn’t cheap. Their bacon and eggs headband will cost you nearly $60 USD. But, I'm declaring it the must-have item of the fall brunch season, so scoop it up while you still can.

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