Nobody was hurt except all those watermelons

By Tim Nelson
Updated February 13, 2018
watermelon fire
Credit: photo courtesy of West Metro Fire Rescue

The foothills west of Denver are marked by jagged peaks, winding creeks, and rugged beauty. And if you happened to be stuck in traffic on US-285 near Morrison, Colorado, this Tuesday, that scenery may have included some burning watermelons rolling down the side of an embankment.

As the Denver Post reports, a tractor trailer carrying 41,000 pounds of watermelon burst into flames, spilling its fruity cargo onto the side of the highway. West Metro Fire Rescue speculates that overheated brakes are responsible for the combustion. Temperatures peaking at around 90 degrees may have exacerbated the problem. Though the accident scorched both the semi cab and the trailer, no injuries were reported.

The melons, however, were a total loss. A hazardous materials crew had to be called in for cleanup duty, causing further delays. Hopefully, Colorado’s watermelon lovers can hold onto their current supply for long enough to tide them over.