Dude has egg skills

There's a reason that making an omelet is one of the most dreaded challenges on Food Network shows. Yeah, it sounds easy, but getting an omelet just right is a tricky process. And if just cooking it to that perfect eggy consistency is tricky, that chef show-off flip of the omelet in the pan has to give you extra credit. Which is why we were particularly mesmerized when we saw this gif of a man flipping an omelet roughly ten times as large as your usual Sunday brunch fare.

Reddit user Amphibaena_Alba posted the flipping GIF, noting that the omelet had 57 eggs in it. We're can't confirm the exact number, but that sucker sure does look like it took a helluva lot of eggs to come together. The longer version of the video estimates the omelet comes in at 50 kg, or roughly 110 pounds. That, also, seems like an overestimate—surely that thing doesn't way as much as a small person?—but the internet is a strange place, and weirder things have happened. One thing is for sure: whoever this man is, wherever he is, he deserves a goddamn brunch medal and in invite to your next breakfast soiree. Omelet-flipping grandpa, we salute you. And we'll have this open in a tab for the rest of the week.

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