It's breakfast with 50,000 of your closest fans
EC: Watch People Eat Heaping Portions of Breakfast on YouTube
Credit: Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Instagramming meals has become a fad, annoyance, or horror show, depending on whom you ask. But, oh, breakfast fans, the day has come when you will look fondly on the times when people only took pictures of their meals. Since 2008, people have filmed themselves eating large amounts of food, accompanied by copious slurps, smacks, and other gustatory orations. This practice is called mukbang. Wondering what is mukbang? Mukbang is a portmanteau of two Korean words: muk-ja for eating and bang-song, or broadcasting. Most people won't pay to watch others chew (although some Koreans make upwards of $10,000 a month doing so), but the South Korean-bred practice has become an international affair on YouTube, and breakfast mukbang is a popular topic. Below we present some of the more popular, and weirder, examples.

Trisha Paytas, who also goes by blndsundoll4mj, is a singer/songwriter and internet personality who, among other aspects of oversharing online, does mukbangs. "I'm a little bit of a picky eater when it comes to McDonald's," she says in the video. If you say so.

For many of us, the college cafeteria was a culinary nightmare. But, hey, nostalgia redeems all. Kodi Leith, TheFakeBeautyGuru, binges out on college cafeteria breakfast, taking one for the greater Internet team.

As you can tell by her YouTube name, MukbangMama is seriously into doing videos about food. In this video, she has the Carl's Jr. breakfast burger.

On her Asian vegan channel, MommyTang admits "sometimes I do miss my 'standard' American diet breakfast," with eggs, bacon, and hash browns. But she makes do here with squeezing oranges for juice and a poppy-seed bagel with imitation cream cheese. "[The imitations] taste better than cream cheese," she insists. Tell it to Delancey Street on New York’s Lower East Side.

YouTuber and mukbanger KEEMi recorded a breakfast in a traditional mukbang manner: lots of food and lots of noisy eating. In this case, it's French toast, lobster scrambler, and chocolate chip pancakes.

German FoodWorld88 writes, "We really enjoy eating." In this video you watch him down eggs, sausages, and accoutrements with nary a word. Warning: He loads a half English muffin with egg and sausage topped with both ketchup and mustard. It's not for the morning faint of heart.

ErikTheElectric can pile it on. He recorded this 18,000-calorie morning extravaganza, including a six-pack of cinnamon buns, a more than seven-pound breakfast platter of eggs and breakfast meats, a stack of peanut butter fudge pancakes, and a box of Lucky Charms. For comparison, when training, swimmer Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories. A day. And yet, ErikTheElectric doesn't seem to carry extra pounds, in case you needed a reason to hate someone.

On a trip to Thailand, Nikocado Avocado and partner-in-dine Brianna picked up some big fresh durian, known as the world's most, um, aromatic fruit. "You can eat breakfast with us," he said. Sure. You getting the tab?

Experience second hand a traditional Japanese breakfast with Kazu: rice with a salted plum, miso soup, salted salmon, Japanese eggroll, and sausage. It takes him close to half an hour to finish it off.