Don't look back in anger about your tea routine
Liam Gallagher tea
Credit: photo by Rob Ball via getty images

The 2010s don't have rock stars quite like we did in past decades. Is it because of a new era of pop? Is it because of smartphones and streaming services and technology? Is the era of rock 'n roll over?

Oasis's Liam Gallagher has a theory, and it has to do with tea. In an absolutely stellar 36 seconds taken from BBC Backstage Music Pass, the musician explained in an expletive-laden rant that his tea-brewing routine has changed vastly since the '90s, and that's all because of these damn kids downloading songs instead of buying records. Yes, these are linked in Liam’s mind, and the resulting clip is a beautiful work of art all on its own.

Liam is no longer in his glory days as the frontman of Oasis, and one of the most obnoxious things about this in his eyes is that he now has to make his own damn tea. “Now in the ’90s I got someone else to f**king do it, but now I can’t. F**king money is tight. Too tight to mention. Got to do it yourself, haven’t you?” he said casually as he poured his own cup.

So what was his previous routine? Well, it involved four men, including a “little geezer doing the kettle” and a “f**king little idiot.”

“No one buys records these days... these f**king little smartasses download f**king tunes for nish,” he continued. “And they wonder why there’s no real rock ’n’ roll stars around—’cause this is the shit you got us doing, f**kers.”

Someone at Spin had a keen eye and noticed that Liam doesn't seem to be drinking tea at all, but some sort of turmeric concoction that can help his voice. “I drink a lot of funky drinks… I have this apple cider vinegar, the one that everyone bangs on about,” Gallagher told the Guardian back in June. “So I have vinegar, some honey and then I have some turmeric, some cayenne pepper, a squirt of lemon, hot water, stir it round and drink it. It’s really good for when you get a hoarse voice.”

Maybe you have a hoarse voice from talking so much about the good ol’ tea days, Liam.