Anything to take your mind off the election
EC: Watch a Tiny Omelet Get Made in a Tiny Kitchen
Credit: Image Courtesy Miniature Space via YouTube

With five days to go before the United States slouches its way to the polls, everyone is looking for some kind of distraction from the trash heap known as the political internet. Thankfully, YouTube sensation Miniature Space released a new video yesterday featuring what might just be the world's most tiny omelet recipe, being made in the world's tiniest kitchen. The world's tiniest omelet video is the latest in a series of meticulously crafted shots that are set inside a microscopic mock kitchen, where a full-sized chef manipulates mini pots and pans to create everything from egg dishes to penne carbonara.

To pull off this tiny omelet video successfully, Miniature Space used a small quail egg, an itty bitty onion, a carrot wedge, and a bit of ground sausage to top things off. The mini-Iron Chef sautees his ingredients on top of a stove that's powered by a single tea candle, which gets a surprisingly good fry going for his ingredients. After cracking the quail egg, he adds in the mini portion of meat, flips the tiny omelet better than I've ever flipped a full-size omelet, and gets everything ready for meal time on a tiny table with tiny plates. Did I mention that everything in this video is tiny? Good.

So even if you're not taking cooking tips from Miniature Space, this tiny omelet video should make you feel better about a few things. The first being the size of your kitchen, the second being the fact that you don't have tiny rats hanging out on your countertops and cooking spaces, and the third being that this video has nothing to do with emails, Benghazi, sexual assault, or tax-dodging. It's just a nice, sweet video where everything is small and manageable. Sounds kind of nice right about now, doesn't it?