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When keeping Portland weird goes wrong

Tim Nelson
February 07, 2018

To put it mildly, Charles Manson was a polarizing figure. Since he commanded his “family” to murder Sharon Tate and others in 1969, the failed Beach Boy turned virulently racist cult leader has been the subject of endless perverse curiosity. Reaction to his death on Sunday night was subsequently muddled, with some recognizing the way in which he captured public attention with others holding him accountable for his crimes. 

One thing the world probably could’ve done without, though, was putting Manson’s face on a doughnut. But by god, that’s what Portland’s favorite round pastry outpost Voodoo Doughnut went and did anyway. Continuing their tradition of memorializing dearly departed celebrities with a custom tasty creation (their Prince raspberry beret doughnut was a work of art), Voodoo posted a photo of their admittedly not terrible-looking tribute to one of the more notorious Americans of the 20th century to social media late on Sunday night. 

Missing the early warning sign that maybe you shouldn’t commemorate a guy who tattooed a swastika on his face with a doughnut (it’s replaced with an “x” in this case), it didn’t take long for Twitter to remind Voodoo that Manson may not be worthy of a tribute doughnut. The post has since been taken down, but screenshots are forever. 

The snafu comes at an interesting time for Voodoo, which recently received significant investment from San Francisco VC firm Fundamental Capital meant to help expand their brand outside of the Pacific Northwest. There’s no word on how all that’s going, but Voodoo can probably consider itself lucky that their mass-murdery doughnut gaffe didn’t play out on a bigger stage. 

We may never know what the Manson doughnut tastes like, but I can’t say that stuffing your face with his face sounds all that appetizing. 

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