Will a love of high-fiber cereal give the Broncos a high-powered offense?

By Tim Nelson
Updated February 14, 2018
Credit: Photo by pamela_d_mcadams via Getty Images

With Super Bowl LII now behind us, NFL fans and players everywhere outside of Philadelphia besides the Eagles are ready to turn the calendar to the 2018 season. And while teams won’t know if sought-after players like Kirk Cousins will be available on the free agent market for another few weeks, that hasn’t stopped Denver Broncos defensive superstar Von Miller from making breakfast-themed overtures to the Washington quarterback.

Miller first let the world know he wanted Cousins as a teammate in the week before the Super Bowl, telling radio broadcaster Dan Patrick, “We need Kirk. I’d like to have Kirk. We have great quarterbacks now. Kirk could take us over the edge.”

Since then, his public pleas have gone from radio appearances to Instagram stalking. It seems Miller wants to create the impression that he and the Broncos’ potential savior at quarterback have a lot in common.

Most importantly, it seems the two have shared tastes in the world of fibrous cereals as well. In an Instagram post, Cousins claims he was “raised on” Frosted Mini Wheats and Cracklin’ Oat Bran, and Miller jumped in to claim he ate them for “breakfast lunch and dinner.”

It’s not clear if John Elway is following along with his linebacker’s social media efforts, but there’s little doubt that the Broncos GM will at least explore the option of signing Cousins in the hopes of getting his team back into the playoffs. Should that happen, Kirk and Von will have plenty of time to further their breakfast bromance over bowls of bran sometime after free agency begins on March 14.