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The people's sausage

Kate Welsh
May 16, 2018

In 2017, Volkswagen made 6.8 million currywursts. Surprised? Me too. Who knew that one of the world's leading car makers has a major side hustle selling spicy sausages?

Volkswagen has been making the sausages for more than 45 years at the company's flagship plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. While the currywurst is offered in the cafeterias of many European Volkswagen plants, it's also sold in grocery stores (under the brand Volkswagen Originalteil, or "original parts"), and sometimes gifted to new Volkswagen owners at car dealerships. 

The sausage is made by a crew of 30, most of whom are trained butchers, using primarily local ingredients. "Three times a week, the plant takes in fresh pork from nearby farms and grinds choice cuts into a precise mix. ... After mixing in the spices and packed into casings, the sausages are dried, smoked over beechwood and steamed for 100 minutes at 176 degrees," VW says. They typically churn out around 18,000 currywursts per day. 

If you've never had currywurst, imagine a bratwurst, zhouzh'd up with yellow curry, pepper, and ginger. It's a beloved staple of German fast food and drinking culture. And much like fast food and drinking culture everywhere, currywurst goes well with ketchup. Which is probably why Volkswagen has their own ketchup, too. 

Unfortunately, it's not available in the US. But I suppose that just means you'll have to travel to Germany and enjoy having a good excuse to eat Volkswagen-made currywurst for every meal.  

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