Groan all you want, but Avocaderia is good
EC: Video: The World's First Avocado Bar Is Opening in Brooklyn
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

Have you heard about that new avocado bar in Brooklyn? Extra Crispy HQ is located approximately 100 feet from them in Industry City, so we stopped by the other day for a meet and greet. The three guys behind it are from Italy and all live together in an apartment in nearby Sunset Park. You might be wondering how some Italians ended up running an avocado bar, as avocados and avocado toast aren't really a thing in Italy. As the story goes, Francesco Brachetti, one of the founders, temporarily lived in Mexico City, where he was bit hard by the avocado bug. So hard that he got his buddies Alessandro Biggi and Alberto Gramini to do avocado-centric pop ups in New York with him after they moved here. Last June, they started scheming about a brick-and-mortar location, and now, many months (and visa-related hassles) later, Avocaderia is opening Monday. If you live in the area or know enough people who do, your Instagram feed will never be the same.

The guys had us sample four dishes: an avocado rose-topped toast with chile; a beet hummus avocado toast with watermelon radishes; guacamole with fresh lime juice and celery instead (no onion); and half an avocado filled with a yogurt sauce and topped with chickpeas and sesame seeds. Some people out there are groaning like, Avocado bar? That's too much Brooklyn. But everything we tried was solid. As far as we’re concerned, it’s just the right amount of Brooklyn, and we’ll be going there for lunch on the regular.