Might this spice combo ring a bell?
EC: Use This Seasoning, Taste Thanksgiving Every Day
Credit: Photo by Flickr User debaird™

This is not normal and I know this, but when I was a kid, I didn’t pound down Fruit by the Foot or go crazy for Chips Ahoy when I wanted a snack. I’d make buttered toast and sprinkle it with Bell’s seasoning so it felt like I was eating stuffing. Weird, because I actually didn’t care much for actual Thanksgiving dinner (So stressful! Such dry turkey!). But the combination of spices in Bell’s seasoning—rosemary, oregano, sage, ginger, and marjoram—hasn’t changed since William G. Bell developed it in 1867, and I am here to tell you that this New Englan stalwart remains thoroughly glorious to this day.

I’m also an infinitely more varied and adventurous cook than I was at age 10, and toast is not my only self-sustenance (though that doesn’t sound half-bad). I am, however, a breakfast freak, and after a several decade detour, I’m back on the Bell’s seasoning track, and I’m sprinkling it on every edible surface I can find. One of breakfast’s many splendors is how much room there is to play. The basics—hot cereal, eggs, breads, potatoes—are a tabula rasa for flavor exploration. They’re bland-ish on their own, a perfect blank canvas for spices, and I’m thrilled to note that Bell’s seasoning works and plays well with them all. (This story is in no way sponsored by Bell’s—I just really, really like it.)

Note: It's easy to find Bell's seasoning in East Coast stores and a few online stores, but you can also buy it—by check, even!—straight from the company.

Oatmeal and other hot cereals

I am a savory oatmeal evangelist, and this just fuels my fire. Swirl in a little butter or your fat of choice, sprinkle in a half-teaspoon or so of seasoning, and salt to taste. If you felt like adding some to the cooking water, I would in no way impede you.


I am hard-pressed to think of a single egg dish that Bell’s would not improve. Incorporate it into your omelets and scrambled eggs as they’re cooking, work it into your basting butter (ohhh...that smell), or make a bolder poached egg. There is no wrong.

Quiches and frittatas

Add a hearty pinch to vegetables while they sautee, or work a little bit into the crust, itself for an extra savory bite. Crunchy salt makes it wake up like whoa.


I turned certified genius Caroline Lange onto the wonders of Bell’s and she created a savory breakfast roll using homemade brioche and plenty of butter. Heck yeah, there’s recipe.


It says “stuffing seasoning” on the box and all the recipes on the Bell’s site are for stuffing, but there is no potato that this spice blend wouldn’t play nicely with. Toss hash browns or home fries in it before frying, roasting, or baking and you’ll never settle for plain old salt and pepper again.