It's all-natural and Instagram-worthy
EC: Unicorn Toast Is the Next Rainbow Food Trend
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Adeline Waugh via Instagram

First we had the rainbow bagel, then we had rainbow grilled cheese. That was followed by a whole rainbow of Starbucks drinks—and now, in the next great innovation in the rainbow food trend, we've got rainbow, unicorn toast. Food stylist and photographer Adeline Waugh takes toast art to the next level with these slices of so-called unicorn toast. Smothered in multicolored layers of cream cheese that are beautifully blended together, these colorful carb creations are featured on Waugh's Instagram account vibrantandpure. She started posting pictures of this toast with the hashtag #ToastTheRainbow, but, according to Cosmopolitan, folks quickly started referring to these edible works of art as unicorn toast.

A fair amount of skill is required to get the perfect swirl, but the ingredients to make unicorn toast are fairly simple. Waugh makes the spreads with almond milk, cream cheese, and coloring—and even though the vibrant hues look totally technicolor, they're actually all-natural. Waugh uses natural food dyes to give the cream cheese its color. As she told Teen Vogue, "I don’t mess around with toxic chemicals in my food, so food coloring was never an option."

Instead, she uses plant-based ingredients to give the spreads that extra kick: "I use beet juice for the hot pink, freeze dried strawberry powder for the light pink, turmeric root juice for the orange/yellow, drops of chlorophyll for the light green, spirulina powder for the light blue, and freeze dried blueberry powder for the purple."

If you make unicorn toast of your own, don't expect your magical pieces of toast to taste like rainbows and sprinkles. Ultimately, Waugh explained, these colorful pieces of unicorn toast just taste like, well, toast. But that doesn't mean they're not totally worthy of an Instagram post or two before you take a bite!

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder