Each component of the meal supposedly targets a part of your hangover
EC: UberEats Wants to Deliver You the Perfect Hangover Cure
Credit: photo courtesy of uber

Ordering delivery in the morning can be difficult: Breakfast is often the most rushed meal of the day. But the best time to order delivery… that’s whenever you’re hungover. And now, UberEats in the UK has helped create a delivery breakfast designed specifically to help customers cope with holiday hangovers.

The “Fix Up Feast” is a collaboration between UberEats, British restaurant chain Leon, and chef Jozef Youssef, the man behind Kitchen Theory, a project intended to blend gastronomy, art and science. With that precision approach in mind, every component of the meal is meant to alleviate a problem associated with a hangover. “I love creating dishes that not only taste delicious but are scientifically proven to do good,” Youssef said. “Each ingredient will target an after effect of a heavy evening out and will get those who have pushed things a little too far, feeling like themselves again.”

So what’s in this fix up? The breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, beans, avocado, spinach, banana porridge drizzled with honey, and orange juice. The mushrooms and beans are intended to replenish the B vitamins lost through drinking alcohol. The eggs and avocado purportedly help flush toxins out of the liver. The bacon boosts brain function through amino acids. The spinach helps neutralize stomach acids to reduce potential sickness. The banana and honey porridge offers potassium and magnesium, as well as a serotonin boost through carbs. And lastly, the orange juice adds a hit of glucose which is said to speed up the body’s ability to process alcohol.

“At Uber Eats we’re passionate about breaking the stereotype of food delivery, by making food for all occasions in any location available at the touch of a button,” said the brand’s Toussaint Wattinne. “As the Christmas party season gets into full swing, we wanted to give people the Christmas gift of a ‘fix up’ at work, home or wherever they happen to be. We all know that there’s nothing worse than a sore head after a night of festive fun!”

This large serving of the hangover helper is being sold for £9.45, or about $12.65. Though it’s not necessarily cheap, assuming you really do have a serious hangover, it’s likely significantly less than you spent on alcohol the night before. But unfortunately, seeing as this Feast is intended to fight holiday hangovers, the offer will only be available from December 8 through to December 22. That’s right… for New Year’s, you're totally on your own.