It’s the most political PSL season ever

EC: Trump Supporters Boycott Starbucks After CEO Endorses Clinton
Credit: Photo by Matt Mills McKnight via Getty Images

Sorry, Trump supporters. This election season, you’re going to have to get your pumpkin spice lattes from Dunkin’. Devotees of The Donald are calling for a boycott of Starbucks after the coffee giant’s CEO Howard Schultz endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The revelation came during an interview of Schultz conducted by Poppy Harlow last Wednesday on CNN Money’s Facebook page. In the more than 14-minute-long discussion, the presidential race came up on a number of occasions. “Hopefully Hillary Clinton will be elected president,” Schultz said at one point. “I think it's obvious Hillary Clinton needs to be the next president,” he also stated.

As CNN Money later reported, the endorsement from Schultz shouldn’t come as any surprise. The man at the top of the ‘Bux has described himself as a “life-long Democrat,” and he endorsed Barack Obama during the last two elections. Still, Schultz also added some unflattering words about Trump that may have especially riled up the Republican nominee’s base. “On the other side, we’ve seen such vitriolic display of bigotry and hate and divisiveness, and that is not the leadership we need for the future of the country,” he said.

Since the announcement, some conservatives have started a Starbucks boycott, using the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks and suggesting where else the pro-Trump crowd can get the caffeine buzz necessary to talk louder than their Democratic adversaries.

Some have suggested good ol’ Dunkin’…

One Twitter user suggested you can “Kill 2 birds with 1 stone” by grabbing coffee at conservative mainstay Chick-fil-A…

Or you can just stay at home and have your daily cuppa out of a “Make America Great Again” mug…

Meanwhile, the candidate himself has apparently remained mum on the subject. Though some Trump voters have taken the opportunity to recirculate a video of Trump from November of last year when the then-aspiring nominee wondered aloud at a rally, “Maybe we should boycott Starbucks?” At the time, he was pondering the chain’s choice to use minimally decorated red cups for the holiday season instead of cups adorned with any sort of seasonal imagery—but he may be giving that same idea a second look now.

If Trump supporters did decide to stop frequenting Starbucks, at least one liberal contingent wouldn’t be shedding any tears: Back in June, a petition was launched urging the coffee brand to terminate its leases at Trump properties based on the billionaire’s controversial stances. To date, over 11,000 people have signed it.

Guys, seriously, can we at least call an armistice during PSL season? I know the election isn’t that far away, but when it comes to coffee chains, this is the most important time of year.