"Nothing relieves post-hurricane stress like great food!"

By Elizabeth King
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Florida Trump Hotel Used Hurricane Irma As Restaurant Promotion
Credit: Photo via Getty Images

Before becoming president, Donald Trump built an image of himself in the pop culture and real estate worlds as a savvy businessman. As POTUS, businesses owned by the president have come under close scrutiny, most recently now a restaurant in a Trump hotel in Florida, which used Hurricane Irma to advertise its restaurant. In Florida alone, the death toll from Hurricane Irma has already reached 34 people, and millions of Floridians are displaced after evacuating from their homes before the storm hit. A tragedy, the hurricane still somehow seemed like the right time for some shady marketing for the Trump National Doral in Miami.

Grub Street reported on Friday that the Twitter account for the 800-acre luxury golf resort, a part of Trump Hotels, sent out a tweet inviting people to “relieve... stress” from Hurricane Irma at its restaurants. The tweet has since been removed from the resort’s Twitter feed, but read: “Nothing relieves post-hurricane stress like great food! Our restaurants are open to the public. #MiamiSpice menus avail. at @BLTPrimeMiami” and was accompanied by photos of dishes. Subsequent tweets from the account note that the golf course is still closed, so anyone who wants to chip and putt the devastation of Hurricane Irma in a way that financially benefits the president will just have to settle for the food.

Meanwhile, the rest of Miami is dealing with the loss of lives and extensive damage to homes. Further, much of the city is without electricity, and the Washington Post reports it could take weeks for power to be restored to some areas. For his part, the president has dodged questions about the connection between Hurricanes Irma and Harvey and climate change, and has said he will not make changes to his climate policies.