It doesn’t fit anywhere!!!
Credit: Photo courtesy T-Fal

I recently tested out the T-Fal HeatMaster Nonstick 4 quart Triangle Pan. If you read that name quickly, you might think I’m talking about a classic pan that is, you know, circular in shape. But no, take another look at that name and you'll see that this pan is triangular. Why?!, you may be asking. I asked the same.

The pan was launched as part of T-Fal's “HeatMaster Collection,” which, according to a press release I received, is supposed to help home cooks “master heat.” Each pan in this collection (which also includes a 10-inch fry pan and a 5-quart lidded stockpot) is made with three layers of nonstick, scratch-resistant coating that are apparently reinforced with sapphire crystals for added durability.

OK, so it’s a long-lasting, durable—and, at $30—affordable nonstick pan. But that doesn’t explain why it’s shaped like a triangle. The press release says the pan’s “unique shape features deep edges and allows for easy pouring for sauces, marinades, and more.” After trying out the pan I can attest to this. Yes, it is slightly easier to pour a liquid out of something sort of shaped like a spout. If you’re constantly making sauces and spilling them everywhere when you pour them out of circular pans—cue you shaking your fist at the sky and screaming "there’s got to be a better way!" infomercial-style—then I would say that this triangle pan may be for you.

However, as someone living in an apartment in Manhattan with limited storage space, I can’t say I’m jumping to add this oddly-shaped pan to my collection. Though it has a hole at the end of the handle for easy hanging on a pot rack or peg board, if you keep pans in a drawer it simply doesn’t stack well, which is annoying. On the other hand, it’s a fine nonstick pan with a lifetime warranty that’s safe to use on all cooktops. It fries a good egg. If you cooked a crepe or frittata in the pan it would be shaped like a triangle, which is kind of fun. If you’re in the market for a pan, why not grab one of these weirdly shaped babies? But also, why not just get a normal circular pan that will fit wherever you want to store it? The choice, obviously, remains yours.