It’s everything you love about Thanksgiving in one bite

Credit: Amazon

Thanksgiving isn’t the most marketable holiday on the calendar. With the orgy of consumerism that is Christmas following a month later, it’s often overlooked. Even more insulting, a holiday based almost entirely around food also gets the short end of the stick when it comes to snacks that try to capture its flavor.

Well, Thanksgiving-heads don’t have to suffer any longer. Hot on the heels of Pringles distilling the essence of everyone’s favorite Thursday in November into chip form, it looks like Trader Joe’s is doing the same. They’ve introducing Turkey Stuffing Kettle Chips, an ideal treat for anyone who prefers to do their seasonal snacking without getting their hand stuck in a tube.

While Pringles had a wealth of different flavors meant to encapsulate the breadth of the Thanksgiving experience, Trader Joe opts for one chip to cover it all. From the sound of it, this thing’s loaded with layers of harvest flavors who reveal themselves over time. “First you taste the turkey, then comes the stuffing,” a post on the TJ’s website reads. “If you close your eyes, you’ll swear you can taste the creamy gravy… even as you crunch.” It’s unclear how these taste wizards transformed a potato into something that tastes like turkey, but the celery, sage, and thyme seasoning surely have something to do with the stuffing flavor.

As you’d expect, they’re only available for a limited time, with each 7 ounce bag selling for $1.99. If you’ve ever wanted to eat an entire Thanksgiving meal in one bite (or just enjoy turkey and stuffing without arguing with your uncle who posts Minions memes about QAnon and the deep state), go hoard as many bags of these as you can before they’re gone.