Coconut coffee is all the rage

By Meg Josephson
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: photo courtesy of trader joe's

Trader Joe’s just made summer days so much more manageable. Picture this: A refreshing cold brew coffee infused with coconut flavor. Basically, it’s bound to quench your thirst on days spent in the scorching hot sun.

Trader Joe’s Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate (say that five times fast) begins with a 100 percent Arabica bean base (medium roast coffee), the same blend they use for their original Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. The difference is that this variety is packed with natural coconut flavors to take you on a tropical getaway. If you already add coconut milk to your cold brew, this new flavor will save you a step.

The company recommends mixing the concentrate with two parts water or milk, then pouring it over ice for a refreshing treat. Or, pour it into ice-cube trays to add a flavor boost to iced coffee. We can't wait to use it in our Boozy Coffee Slushie—and you can even use the concentrate for baking. No matter how you enjoy it, it's the best way to get your caffeine kick this summer. After all, cold brew is 50 percent less acidic than traditional hot coffee, resulting in a smooth, velvety flavor.

The 16-ounce bottles are sold for $4.99 at Trader Joe's locations nationwide. But as the weather cools down, the Trader Joe’s Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate will leave shelves—so grab it while you can during the summer months.