Bonjour, dessert for breakfast
chocolate crepes
Credit: photo courtesy of Trader Joe's

No need to book a one way ticket to Paris this weekend: France just came to you thanks to your old friend, Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s is known for irresistible products at prices that won’t make your jaw drop. These mouth-watering crêpes are here to fulfill all your Francophile fantasies. They're made from a pancake-like batter and filled with sweet, luscious chocolate. It’s like you’re roaming the streets of Paris, walking along the Seine on a sunny day with crêpe in hand.

All it takes for this at home Parisian escape is heating the crêpes up in a microwave or conventional oven. Not as exciting as walking up a cobble-stoned path to a crêperie, sure, but just wait until you bite into one, because they’re just as blissful. Go crazy and dress them up with a dollop of whipped cream and a handful of berries. Though they’re delicately sealed to prevent oozing once the chocolate heats up, you’ll want napkins in hand—trust us.

Find them now in the freezer case at your local Trader Joe’s. A package of seven Chocolate Filled Crêpes is under $3. A pretty great value if you ask us, and no passport needed.