Because sometimes the gear really does make the chef
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EC: Top 13 Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Items for Cooking Breakfast
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Breakfast gearheads, rejoice. Early this morning, the world’s largest online retailer kicked off Amazon Prime Day, and kitchen items are available for a steal across the wide array of limited-time deals. Today, you can snag discounts on everything from doughnut pans to French presses, equipping your kitchen like an absolute pro. Today’s Amazon Prime Day kitchen deals range from the utilitarian (like nonstick ceramic cookware) to the absurd (electric egg cooker, anyone?). But no matter what gear you grab, you’ll be sure to strengthen your cookware arsenal as well as your breakfast game. To take part, all you need is an Amazon Prime membership; or, alternatively, you could get in on the action with a 30-day trial. Just make sure you don’t miss out on these 13 deals.

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The simplest way to upgrade your morning is with a good, sturdy, and leak-proof travel mug. Sure, that promotional mug you got from a sales conference in 2008 is a classic, but those kinds of cheapo mugs break, leak, and worst of all, get pretty gross after a while. Upgrading to a Contigo autoseal mug has never been cheaper, and the time to treat yo’self is nigh.

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Speaking of upgrades, take a look at your frying pan. Is it ceramic, or at least nonstick? If not, do yourself a huge favor and get a new nonstick pan. Unlike teflon-coated pans, ceramic fry pans are durable, scratch-resistant, and make egg cooking an absolute joy. Finding a good pan is usually a pretty expensive endeavor, and keeping cast-iron pans clean can be tricky... But this pan provides a bang for your buck, as well as a killer plate of scrambled eggs.


Whether you’re a donut or doughnut person, having a utilitarian doughnut pan in your cupboard is a must. Think of the possibilities—homemade doughnuts made on the fly with no frying necessary (goodbye, emergency room bills!), and the ability to make dazzling breakfasts for entertaining guests. Plus, these silicon trays make baking a breeze, while also reducing the need to grease up a pan or swear your way through unsticking a tray of strawberry glazed treats that would make Homer Simpson drool.

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If doughnuts aren’t your thing (if that’s even possible), maybe a crepe maker is more to your liking. This nifty little number gives you the ability to make crepes that even a Frenchman would love, with half the cost of going out for breakfast and 100 percent less soul-crushing ennui than sitting in a Parisian cafe. This crepe maker’s nonstick heating surface also doubles as a flat surface for cooking eggs, bacon, and anything else you could throw at it. After all, who doesn’t love a multitasker in the kitchen?

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Keeping on the DIY grind, making toast with homemade bread is a game-changer. But to be honest, making it from scratch is kind of a pain—all that mixing and kneading isn’t worth the satisfying dough-punch you get to inflict after accidentally coating your kitchen in flour. Enter the bread machine. This handy-dandy, didn’t-know-I-needed-it contraption will make you a believer in homemade bread without all of the preparation. Plus, your entire house will smell like bread. So if you think about it, this is kind of an air freshener, too.

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This electric egg cooker is perhaps the least necessary but coolest gadget on the list. If you ever wanted to cook huevos in something eerily reminiscent of a 50’s era representation of a spaceship, today’s your day. With the DBTech Electric Egg Cooker, you can make perfectly boiled eggs in under seven minutes. All you need to do is add water and eggs to make the magic happen. Plus, the clear top allows you to observe everything in real time. Don’t worry—the eggs like it when you watch.

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Extra Crispy is all about teaching you how to make better coffee at home. The most underrated tool in this quest? The right kettle. Think about it—the further up a metal kettle your hot water has to travel, the more it cools down. And as it does, it gets further away from the optimal temperature for extracting a perfect cup of coffee. This pour over kettle employs a gooseneck design that helps keep your water at the right temperature, creating a better cup of joe in the process. It’s one small tool that will make a huge difference for your coffee regimen.

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Amazon search history be damned—having a home kitchen scale is a crucial, inexpensive way to upgrade your cooking. Not just for stoners, kitchen scales provide more accurate measurements of dry and wet goods, which could mean the difference between success and failure for your next batch of scones. And on Prime Day, getting a good scale has never been easier. Plus, you’ll have an excuse as to how you found one for so cheap when the cops pay you a visit.

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Another easy kitchen upgrade? A good thermometer. And among all of the lightweight thermometers, Lavatools Javelin digital thermometers have few competitors. They work in everything from steak, to candied sugar, to muffins, giving you a perfect temperature reading every time. And when it comes to baking, perfection is worth its weight in baking soda, making a thermometer a must-get.

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If you’re interested in dipping your toes into good homemade coffee, you can’t go wrong with a French press. It’s cheap, easy, and provides a solid cup of coffee with relative ease. And during Amazon Prime Day, they’ve never been less expensive. This kit comes with everything you need, including spoons and filter screens to keep you brewing. And since the French press itself is made with heat-resistant borosilicate glass, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a coffee catastrophe.

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So you love a good cup of coffee, but you’re not digging the French press or pourover. We get it. We don’t know your life. But maybe an automatic latte machine is more your scene. If so, Mr. Coffee’s got a nifty gadget that offers all-in-one latte creation right at your fingertips. This number’s almost half off today, and pays for itself in a matter of weeks. Latte art and passive-aggressive baristas not included.

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This has nothing to do with the aforementioned passive-aggressive baristas. I promise. I just want you to have a good set of knives, that’s all. And it’s hard to beat a solid set of ceramic kitchen knives. Unlike stainless steel, ceramic knives hold their blade longer and withstand daily use without showing wear and tear. The easiest upgrade to a kitchen is your knife collection, and there’s never been a cheaper place to start.

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Maybe you’ve graduated from the French press for something more, well, sexy. If so, you can’t beat today’s deal on the UniTerra Nomad, a portable, manual espresso machine. Most home espresso devices require steam pressure to pull a good cup, even though manual machines are preferred by baristas far and wide. The Nomad combines simplicity with taste, offering the cafe experience right on your own countertop. Usually, this kind of device is far from cheap. But today, the Nomad is an unheard-of 60 percent off. Not too shabby if you’re on your way toward competing in the next World Barista Championship.