Should you buy a toaster printer? OK, sure
EC: Toasteroid Will Toast Anything You Draw onto Your Morning Toast
Credit: Photo courtesy of Toasteroid

Toast is a breakfast staple, but it’s also—sorry, toast—inherently boring. Toast is little more than a dried out breakfast canvas waiting to be adorned, be it with jam or runny eggs or Vegemite (if you’re Australian or insane). But Toasteroid—I assume named as a play on the word “Polaroid”—wants to change all that. Taking the idea of “toast as a blank canvas” to heart, this forthcoming appliance that launched on Kickstarter earlier this week allows users to “print” (a.k.a. “burn”) any image or message they like onto a piece of toast. So it’s basically like the machine the good people at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! have, only anyone can own one, not only Fabio.

“Toast awesome images, the weather, send toast messages, and everything in between to cure your morning blues!” the Toasteroid team proclaims on their Kickstarter page. Alright, Toasteroid, we just met; don’t tell me what to toast into my toast. That said, the concept behind the project is super cool. Working a bit light a reverse-Light-Brite, the Toasteroid smartphone app, which connects to your fancy new toaster via Bluetooth, allows you to choose from a built in collection of templates or draw an image one toast pixel at a time, and then just a few minutes later, up to two pieces of toast pop up emblazoned with your image.

Toasteroid has other crazy features as well. As mentioned above, you can instruct the high tech toaster to toast out today’s weather forecast. Even crazier, the appliance has a kind of “Snapchat for toast” setting that allows user to send private “toast messages,” which can only be read on toast once they’re received. It’s a literal take on the old spy concept of eating a message after you’ve read it. You’ll be like the James Bond of toast!

Of course, you also want a toaster to function properly as a toaster, and the people at Toasteroid claim they have those features covered as well. The product boasts that it “controls the brownness of your toast like never before,” the toast slot is “extra long and wide” to accommodate all bread sizes, and if you ever don’t feel like using your smartphone to cook a damn piece of toast, “normal toasts” can be made with “a simple push of the start button on the side.” But once you have Toasteroid, why would you ever eat normal toast again, right?!

People are apparently pretty excited at the concept of a toaster/printer/toast messaging machine: In just three days and with 40 days left to go, the Kickstarter is already over a quarter of the way to reaching its $150,000 goal. For what the product claims to do, it doesn’t seem too expensive either. A “Toasteroid Mini,” which can toast two normal size pieces of bread, but print on only one, is going for the earlier bird price of just $59. Meanwhile, a full-featured Toasteroid costs no more than $85 through Kickstarter. The company behind the project suggests that all of these toasters should be shipped by August of next year. Kickstarters occasionally have a way of falling through, so for the doubters, Toastoroid even has a complete video of a working prototype.

Does the world need a printing toaster? Honestly, I don’t know. But if you figure out the answer, feel free to send it to me via private toast message.