Edible gifts are the best gifts

EC: Tim Hortons Has a Doughnut Bouquet for Mother's Day
Credit: Photo courtesy Tim Hortons

Have you ever wandered past that flower stand on the street with buckets upon buckets of colorful flowers and thought, I wish those were doughnut bouquets. Or maybe it’s Mother’s Day and you want to give mom a token of gratitude, and Mom loves doughnuts. Then you look at the flower prices and keep walking, because nobody needs to pay upwards of 20 dollars for a meager bundle of flowers that are past their prime. In the same vein, I have no problem forking out four dollars for a delicious designer doughnut.

Your mom definitely feels the same, think about it. You literally share her genes. Why bother with trying to choose the cheapest flowers that are still attractive and then trying to keep them alive until you can give them to your mother. The easiest solution is to just give her a treat that won’t decay on the way, but what? The answer is simple: doughnuts. You’re thinking, doughnuts aren’t special. But the Canadian chain known as Tim Hortons (and is basically just a variation on Dunkin Doughnuts), which skewered its beloved Timbits (doughnut holes) for your lover, is kebabing them again and arranging them in a gift box for your mother.

So yes, at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across the U.S. you can buy your mom a doughnut bouquet of "Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Glazed, Old Fashion Plain, Honey Dip, and Apple Fritter doughnut holes." Assuming you probably waited until the last minute to get the woman who gave you life a simple token of love, stopping in and getting a beautifully packaged edible bouquet seems like your best option. Plus, they’re only eight dollars. Seriously go to a florist and ask what you can get for eight dollars, hint: it won’t be a bouquet. If you’re unsure if doughnuts are the right move (how could you be?), just remember that even if you take time to smell the roses, neither you nor your mother can eat them.