The actress and cookbook author whips up a mean shake
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Credit: Extra Crispy Staff

Working at a food website has its perks. We get free snacks sent to us a lot. We get to try interesting non-dairy milks before most people. Some days, we sit around and taste test jam. It's not a bad gig. And sometimes, something really special happens, like the other day when Tiffani Thiessen stopped by and made us boozy milkshakes. Yes, Tiffani Thiessen—Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell, aka Elizabeth Burke for all you White Collar fans. She was in our kitchen, using our gear, and making the best rum and date milkshakes we've ever had. She's also an excellent chef, and the shake recipe is from her beautiful new cookbook, Pull Up a Chair. Honestly, these shakes were perfect, and we're not just saying that because we're running this video of her and it'd be weird to not say that. Watch the video to hear the story behind the shakes and check out her book for more clever recipes that aren't completely soaked in sweet, sweet rum.