Her open flame desk breakfasts are next level

By Rebecca Firkser
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: Photo courtesy of Little Ye via YouTube

When it comes to eating breakfast at work, you have to be creative. We’ve stirred up Mason jar parfaits, sliced into spongy microwaved egg muffins, and steeped chia pudding in mugs nestled between file cabinets. But have you ever thought about using office supplies as cooking tools? A woman in China has, and her computer breakfast video puts our smoothies and scones to shame. Deciding a pancake is what she needs to start the day, instead of grabbing takeout, she does the next best thing: She takes apart her computer and transforms it into a griddle.

The woman, who goes by “Little Ye in the office” on the Chinese social network Sina Weibo, posts videos on YouTube of her DIY office meals that use everyday office supplies as cooking tools. One of Little Ye’s most recent videos shows how she tackles breakfast.

In the video, Little Ye arrives at her office. She takes off her coat, clicks through a few webpages, then begins to take apart her computer. Placing a fire kindled from wooden bits of a planter under her empty computer, Little Ye pours on pancake batter and cracks an egg. She spreads batter into a thin crepe with a toy propeller, sprinkles sesame seeds and green onions, then flips the pancake and folds it neatly. She wraps her pancake in a sheet of printer paper and enjoys her breakfast. She washes and reassembles her computer, then goes back to searching the internet.

Cooking prowess aside, the most entertaining elements of Little Ye’s videos are her nonchalant coworkers. Other than moving some of their own office supplies away from Little Ye’s area, they simply go on with their work. It’s unclear whether Little Ye’s videos are approved by her company and staged, or if she simply has the most chill work environment ever.