There is definitely some skill required to make a perfect omelet. But all too often, cooks fall into the same omelet pitfalls over and over again. With these tips, you’ll be able to turn out tender, delicious omelets in no time. I’ll admit that the third tip is a little strange, but I promise it’s without a doubt the way to go. First, you need to choose the right pan. A nonstick pan is an omelet’s soulmate. They were simply meant to be together. Any hint of the egg sticking to the pan can tear it into shreds, making nonstick pans essential. An eight-inch nonstick skillet is a perfect size for a three-egg omelet.Once you have the right pan, you’ll need to use the right amount of heat. While omelets cook rather quickly, there’s no need to crank up the heat. By going low and slow, you'll end up with a superior product for a few mere minutes extra. Omelets cooked over low heat result in tender and creamy finished dishes as opposed to dry and spongy ones cooked over higher heat. Use a small amount of butter—½ tablespoon should do it—and heat until foamy.To get tender and creamy omelets, you need to use the right stirring device. In most recipes, you’ll see a rubber spatula or wooden spoon being used to break up the egg curds as they form, but I like to use something else. Here’s a tip that works every time: Use chopsticks to stir your eggs. By rapidly stirring the eggs with chopsticks, you produce small and tender curds instead of large firm ones that you’d get by using a spatula or spoon.Most importantly, to consistently turn out perfect omelets you need to have all everything in its place and ready to go, a.k.a. mise en place. Do yourself a favor and take the extra minute to make sure you have a plate nearby, that your fillings are precooked, preshredded, or pre-whatevered, and that you are actually ready to eat in a few minutes. If you don’t do these things, you risk overcooking your omelet as you look for a plate.Perfect Omelet

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5 mins
1 omelet


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  • Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk until homogeneous. Season with salt and pepper (optional).

  • Heat an 8-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add butter and cooked until foamy. Do not let the butter brown. Get all of your mise en place ready to go; plate, fillings, and eggs.

  • Add eggs and vigorously mix in the pan with your chopsticks while shaking the pan. Do this for a minute or two, until the eggs are creamy and no longer runny.

  • Look for the visual cue of the small curds still being tender and moist, but not watery. 

  • Tilt the pan and gently roll the omelet to one side.

  • You can add your fillings like cheese or cooked vegetables to the middle of the omelet right before you roll.

  • Invert onto a plate and enjoy!