If you're one of those folks who gets stymied by the avocado pit, this gadget is for you
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EC: This Tool Makes Cutting an Avocado Way Less Hazardous
Credit: Image via Youtube

Along with the troublesome mango, the avocado ranks high on my list of “most annoying fruits to prepare.” It isn’t that it’s so difficult to halve, de-pit and peel (don’t get me started on timing it right for ripeness), but collectively, those seemingly menial tasks always seem to present one problem or another—through, for instance, a persnickety stone that refuses to be dislodged or happens to pull away a precious clump of avocado flesh in what seems like a minor revolt. It’s in these moments that I remember the avocado’s other moniker—alligator pear—and understand why it might have been named for an animal that isn’t necessarily known for being easy to deal with.

Well, the avocado may be a little easier to tame if you happen to get hold of a three-in-one avocado tool from the cooking gadget company OXO. It sells for $9.99 and promises to make avocado preparation a lot more seamless. (The company says on its website that it tested “more than 700 different shaped and sized avocados” to make an adequate tool.)

The tool comes equipped with a plastic blade—it’s most basic feature—that you’ll use to cut the avocado length-wise, usually the easiest task, at least in my experience. For pit removal, the gadget’s got a recessed, concave area with three blades inside that you’ll use to grip the stone and twist it out. Finally, you can scoop out slices with a fan blade that looks somewhat like an egg slicer and leaves very little fruit behind. (No peeling is necessary with this tool.) That’s it. Even if you don’t like to slice your avocado, preferring instead to eat it with a spoon right out of the shell (that’s my preferred method, anyway), the tool will still come in handy primarily for pit removal, which can be a hassle.

It isn’t guaranteed to eliminate all your avocado woes, but the tool will no doubt ensure that you have a friendlier relationship with the unruly avocado, and hey, it probably works on mangos, too.